What should I pay attention to when I choose PTFE gasket ?
Update Time:2017-06-20
First, the quality is mainly reflected in the PTFE gasket thickness tolerances, PTFE sealing material is good, especially the expanded PTFE sealing effect is better, whether there are ordinary PTFE gasket regeneration cold flow material or pure raw materials, namely in the long term should be under the thickness will be changed, for a period of time to close the clamping screw so, the thickness tolerance of PTFE gasket is preferred quality.

Second, choosing PTFE gasket, flange and bolt materials should also be considered;

Third, choosing PTFE gasket, sealing the importance of considering, whether because of leaks caused huge losses such as explosion combustion corrosion and other serious consequences, if it is, it is necessary to consider the PTFE gasket material of good quality;

Fourth, choosing PTFE gasket, to consider whether in the extreme cold and temperature boundary conditions, the selection of the materials of importance.


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