Identification method for identification of PTFE packing
Issue Time:2016-03-28

PTFE packing is also called the sealing filler, usually made from a soft linear fabric, usually cross-sectional area is square or rectangular, circular strip material is filled in the sealing cavity, in order to achieve sealing, that how to identify PTFE packing quality?

1, the integrity of the composition of the performance

After PTFE packing performance standards of the overall consideration, fiber has been carefully designed, in a pristine environment, the test indexes are optimal, the end user should pay attention in the maintenance of PTFE packing never add extra lubricant, which will make the excellent performance of polyfluortetraethylene packing of the original can not give full play to, because it will increase the PTFE packing weight, reduce the plasticity, but also makes the PTFE packing lost ability to resist impact and maintenance costs will increase.

2, weaving integrity

PTFE packing weaving should be in more number of spindles and multi track machine up production, multi spindle number means more strands tangles. The results will enable PTFE packing become durable, and on a four track machine production of PTFE packing to more than three track machine in the production of PTFE packing surface is more flat and smooth. Undoubtedly, it will improve the PTFE packing seal efficiency, reduce the sealing effect of the realization of the pressing force, but we also recognize in some cases (especially in the small size of the PTFE packing], using four machines may not be appropriate.

3, weaving density

Effect of fiber woven PTFE packing performance play the most critical factor is the knitting density. However, weaving itself has a strong artistic, weaving density is often difficult to use numerical to reflect. In most applications, the choice of those after as much as possible close and orderly woven fiber woven PTFE packing, which on the concrete applications will produce best effect, closely woven PTFE packing can not only resist wear and compaction, and under the elevated temperature deformation, thereby reducing the adjustment of PTFE packing, and effectively control the leakage.

4, size range

PTFE packing effect factor is the size of the choice. However, fluid sealing Association for from two aspects of size deviates from the original size of the default attitude to take, we emphasize should avoid size larger than the standard size, PTFE packing can in less than or equal to standard size in working condition. This method can make braided PTFE packing under some special condition can also be installed correctly, it can make the downtime and failed to install the possibility of reduced to a minimum, wheel pressure weaving and forming a sealing ring is manufacturers to follow the size of two effective ways.



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