Good governance haze PTFE industry
Issue Time:2016-09-02
    In this year's NPC and CPPCC, governance haze has become the focus of heated debate. Today, around the tricks one after another, to check the haze pollution under the background of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) used in the environmental governance haze topic of renewed attention. Affected by this, the domestic PTFE market rebound, the mainstream price 54200 yuan (ton price, the same below), analysts expect PTFE will usher in demand growth in the future.
    At present, PTFE is effective in the haze of governance is inconclusive. Public opinions are divergent., according to relevant data, the DuPont Co has developed by PTFE fiber and superfine glass fiber hybrid composite filter material Tefaire acupuncture filter felt by the Australian power plant is also in the large-scale application of PTFE bag. But in our country, the past smoke and dust most of the domestic management of industrial dust bag made of ordinary materials, unable to filter the PM2.5. fine particles there is a new type of PTFE microporous membrane filter material by the authority, the filtration efficiency of PM2.5 is higher than 99.9%. The new PTFE microporous membrane filter material has been made domestically, there are a number of production lines in the production microporous membrane for filtration material.
    Last year, the market once the "Teflon will be used for 4D printing technology, the future rumors or meet the explosive demand", and stimulate the market rose to a certain extent. Recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced a new Apple Corp called "patent application, system and method to prevent" light scratches the distortion of the patent describes the possibility to protect the screen surface using PTFE self repair coatings, so as to avoid the distortion of the display shows Apple products. This news, coupled with the recent PTFE for haze governance news, PTFE market attention suddenly increased.
    Experts believe that governance haze action will greatly stimulate the market demand for environmentally friendly products, and related technology and chemical products will become a major support. Once the new PTFE microporous membrane filter material application, positive effect on the air pollution control in China will play at the same time, PTFE is expected to usher in the peak demand growth.
    The response from the market perspective, last week, PTFE R22 price of upstream raw materials began to rise, prices rose slightly to 10139 yuan; PTFE manufacturers to produce stable, steady market, individual enterprises offer small adjustments, is expected by the end of March prices will rise 2000 yuan; but lower demand, less overall demand.
    Objective to analyze the application of PTFE in domestic air, the field of environmental protection has just begun, PTFE for the haze of governance will be a long process, the short-term impact on the market is limited. The market believes that the short-term PTFE price is expected to continue to increase, but the increase will not be too large. PTFE's future price trend in the hope of one or two hot spots the concept is difficult to have as big. Fundamentally speaking, PTFE demand volume is dependent on each relevant industry boom picked up.



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