Special high-quality PTFE to achieve series
Issue Time:2016-09-02
     The day before, the CG company's 5000 tons / year of special high-quality PTFE dispersion resin (PTFE) project through completion and acceptance. This project has realized the PTFE resin products series, PTFE dispersion resin processing and application field expanded, will help ease the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic high-end PTFE dispersion resin on the establishment and operation of the. The CG project, the company leading product PTFE production capacity reached second in Asia.
     The project is the CG company independent research and development, large-scale industrial projects to implement the product positioning in the high-end market. Project by CG company to assume the main design, application of new technology of tetrafluoroethylene monomer pyrolysis, substitute solvent recovery technology of poly tetrafluoroethylene tetrafluoroethylene gas technology, plasma resistance, high hazard waste treatment technology, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) the new technology, a number of alternative technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The application of the technology for the production of PTFE resin series products, to meet the requirements of the key materials of high performance of high-end areas.


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